Here is how you can help

You can help heal the hurt: Here’s how

The emotional and physical scars of child abuse and neglect can last a lifetime. Fortunately, all members of our community can play an active and vital role in stopping these tragic events and in helping Richland County Children Services start the healing process.

Report abuse or neglect when you suspect it – even if you’re not certain.

Be the eyes, ears and conscience of our community. If you see any of the following signs of abuse or neglect, call us 24/7 at 419-774-4100. There is no need to wait until the next day or until the weekend is over – we are always here for your call.

Call us if a child:
-- Shows sudden changes in behavior or extremes in behavior.
-- Has unexplained absences from school or a sudden change in school performance.
-- Has unexplained physical injuries such as burns, bites, bruises, broken bones, black eyes, etc.
-- Has frequent yeast or urinary infections.
-- Has unusual and age-inappropriate interest in sex.
-- Experiences nightmares and bedwetting.
-- Is not receiving needed medical or dental care.
-- Is consistently dirty and has severe body odor.
-- Has height and weight significantly below age level.
-- Lacks adult supervision appropriate for their age.