Ongoing Services Division

Richland County Children Services Board offers Prevention Services to work with young mothers, families of school-aged children, and families of unruly and delinquent youth to prevent problems from developing into abuse or neglect.


Ongoing Teams

Ongoing workers assist families with developing a case plan for needed services for families and children. Services are offered to help solve issues to prevent abuse and neglect. The services may include such items as counseling, day care, evaluation, treatment, and referrals to other agencies.

They work closely with the Juvenile Court magistrates, probation officers, and parents with unruly or delinquent teens. Caseworkers interview family members and make recommendations for community based interventions. The staff rely heavily on family teams that meet to coordinate family members' and community professionals' efforts to help stabilize and improve the youth's behaviors.


Family Team Meetings

Family team meetings are coordinated to improve the care and protection of children by assessing strengths and needs, developing goals, and reviewing progress. Participants include family members, friends, support people, community specialists, and caseworkers.


HOPE -- Helping Ohio Parent Effectively

The HOPE Primary Partner Program has a goal of utilizing the experience of parents who have been successful in working with the agency to engage and advocate for parents currently involved with the child welfare system. Its aim is to ensure parents have the knowledge and support to achieve the best permanency plan for their children.