About RCCS

Richland County Children Services is staffed by more than 100 fulltime employees dedicated to assisting children and families in need. Most of our staff has bachelor’s degrees and many have obtained master’s degrees. Our employees also undergo frequent, ongoing training to best serve our community.

We strive to create a community where children are protected from harm and neglect and where parents can meet their children’s needs in a loving, safe home. At RCCS, we consider our efforts to be successful when we:

  • Positively impacted a child’s life and made a difference in his/her family;
  • Improved parenting skills and provided support to keep families together;
  • Assured children are safe and protected;
  • Stopped children from being abused and neglected;
  • Helped children achieve permanency in a home, preferably their own but in foster or adoptive homes if necessary; and
  • Protected the confidentiality of everyone involved in the process.

Our goal is to give children and families in need of a voice in the process. We understand their fears and create individualized plans for success. Through this process, we become partners, mentors and guides as families find solid footing and children become free of harm and neglect. Only if this process proves unsuccessful will we seek foster or adoptive solutions.

While this is what we do, we also dream big. In our perfect world, we would have:

  • A community that invests in the future of its children by providing opportunities to develop their social, emotional, physical, cognitive and cultural skills;
  • A permanent, emotionally and economically stable family for every child;
  • A community values and supports the work of Richland County Children Services through its funding, provision of board leadership, and excellence in county governance; 
  • A committed staff that is supported by the Board and the community.

These are not goals we can achieve alone. We work with many community partners, including the Richland County Juvenile Court.

You can help us protect community children by reporting suspected abuse or neglect, or seeking help if you or your family are at risk. Call Richland County Children Services at 419-774-4100 or (TTY) 419-774-4156 for more information.