Locally Made Christian Based Film Gives Back To Community

March 28, 2022

By: WMFD Staff

MANSFIELD, OH- "Joey and Rex Save the Church" premiered at Crossroads Church in Mansfield but also gave back to Richland County Children's Services in the process on Friday night. Click link to view video 

Actor Dean Cain, who played the role of Superman in the 1990s series, "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," was in attendance for the premier to help launch Ohio Helping Hands which is a non-profit giving foster families fun packs. 

Richland County Children Services was the first recipient of those packs and Executive Director Nikki Harless shared what the fun packs will do for the children in their care. 

"Just help ease the trauma. Kind of distracting them from what's going on getting something new, getting something to do," said Harless."There are puzzles, there are games all types of things to distract them from what's going on." 

The packs are filled with games, crafts, and other creative activities to help children break the ice with a new foster family, create a bond and have fun.

Ohio Helping Hands was created after JCFilms Studios filmed and recently released the movie, Chosen, a film produced in Mansfield that stars Cain and actor Kevin Sorbo.

For Cain presenting the foster family packs was personal because he was adopted and works with foster kids. 

"Seeing what they go through and often times there transporting their goods from one foster home from another in a trash bag," said Cain."Hopefully, this will give them a sense of permanence and something that's there's. Does not seem as transitory. I feel for those kids tremendously and so anything I can do to help make their lives a little bit better, a little bit brighter I'm honored to do so."

The film that was premiered starred Crossroads Lead Pastor Dave Vance and Worship Arts Ernesto Alcantara with the film being shot at the church and around the area. 

For information on JCFilms and "Joey and Rex Save the Church" visit their website

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