FREE Crib Program for Richland County Moms

January 16, 2019


Richland Public Health and partner agencies are distributing FREE cribs (called Cribettes) to Medicaid-eligible new mothers and mothers-to-be through funds provided by the Richland County Youth and Family Council.

Richland County Youth and Family Council is providing $25,000 for the cribs,which will purchase approximately 300 Cribettes. Cribettes are compact cribs that easily fold out to full-size cribs to make a safe sleep environment for children from newborn up to 30 pounds.

Using a crib for sleep has been shown to reduce infant mortality by decreasing the incidence of sudden infant death (SIDS) and accidental deaths such as overlay (accidentally smothering a child to death by rolling over them in sleep) and co-sleeping fatalities. The ABCs of safe sleep emphasize putting a child to sleep Alone, on their Back, and in a Crib.

Richland Public Health will be joined by partnering agencies in order to make the distribution of Cribettes easier for eligible mothers. Those agencies are: Catholic Charities; Child Development Center at North Central State College; Domestic Violence Shelter; Dr. Guimaraes’ Office, OB/GYN; Harmony House; Richland Pregnancy Services; Third Street Family Health Services; Third Street OB/GYN; WIC Offices at Richland Public Health; and Woman’s Care.

For more information about the FREE Crib program, see the link at or contact Public Health Nursing, 419-774-4540.

In order to qualify for a FREE Cribette, which includes a Safe Sleep Survival Kit*, the recipient must be pregnant or have a child under one (1) year of age and 30 pounds, be a Richland County resident, have a Medicaid card, and sign a waiver form.

Public Health nurses at Richland Public Health also offer free Cribettes with the Safe Sleep Survival Kit to qualifying families through a newborn home visit. Through this program a public health nurse comes to your home to check on your baby and answers question you may have. Newborn home visits are available to any Richland County new mother. Call 419-774-4540 to request a newborn home visit.

For additional information about the Cribette distribution program, contact Public Health Nursing at Richland Public Health, 419-774-4540.



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