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Who We Are


Richland County Children Services is governed by a board of local residents and has a fulltime staff of more than 100 employees whose primary mission is to assist children and families in need. The agency board meets in regular session at 3:30 p.m. on the second Monday of each month in 2016.

2016 board members

Renee Bessick, chair

Jim Kulig, vice chair

Robert Kirkendall, treasurer

Pam Siegenthaler, secretary

Lynn Friebel

Rick Grega

Stacy Jackson-Johnson

Dr. Michelle Kowalski

Jason Murray


2016 leadership team

Patricia Harrelson, executive director

Nikki Harless,assistant director

Marsha Coleman, clinical director

Kevin Goshe, director of finance

Drew Miller, assistant finance director

Tim Harless, director of community outreach and programming

Edith Gilliland, legal services manager

Nicole Foulks, program manager